My Unspoken Words

"As long as you're alive, keep going." ~me

Im about to freakin scratch this girls eyes out


What is this fuckery. Im crying so bad because I try my absolute best to succeed academically but I still end up a fucking failure. Im so tired of this shit.

I guess I was born a fucking failure

Anonymous asked: What do you want to do with your life, career-wise?


I’m not sure. I’m majoring in chemical engineering and there are so many interesting things I can do with this degree. I’m really interested in the pharmaceutical side of chemical engineering though. I like drugs and medicine. I also like energy production/petroleum production, alternate sources of energy (specifically solar), materials science, and a lot more tbh. I have time to make up my mind I suppose.

Are you a college freshman? I’m moving in to college (I didn’t start in the fall because I came late from overseas, the UK). Any tip as to how to make friends and settle into a routine? I feel like I’m going to be left out because I’m starting halfway through the first year and everbody else most likely all have their own inner circles of friends :/